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RAPS Foster Network: Kiko

Kiko’s story illustrates the RAPS promise

Meet Kiko! Kiko is a 13-year-old Maltese mix who has been cared for by his dedicated foster dad for quite some time now. He is a very sweet older dog and everybody at the RAPS City Shelter enjoys it when Kiko comes for a visit.

Kiko’s foster dad is really great about keeping us updated on Kiko’s well-being and brings him in for regular check-ups with our volunteer veterinarian.

Recently, Kiko had a dental treatment, including extractions, and since then he has been doing fantastic! Kiko has lost most of his vision and he can’t hold his bladder for very long anymore, but between our skilled vet, management team, and Kiko’s devoted foster dad we are able to ensure he is well loved and taken care of.

The RAPS foster network is a vital part of what we do. Not only do the more than 100 households allow animals to live in loving, domestic situations, it is key to our no-kill promise. In other jurisdictions, animals are sometimes euthanized because they are old and unadoptable, because the facility becomes over-populated or because an animal needs even relatively routine medical or dental care. The RAPS foster network ensures we have a place for older animals like Kiko to experience everything an old dog should!

Kiko’s story illustrates the RAPS promise. He lives a life filled with love and care, into his old age, cared for by RAPS’ veterinarians and supported by the contributions from animal-loving friends who help RAPS keep our no-kill promise.