Legacy Giving

You can change the world.
Even after you leave this world.

Consider leaving a gift
to the animals.

So many of us have devoted our time and financial resources to saving and improving the lives of animals.

The positive effects we have had in the world can continue even after we are gone.


Our values can live on …

Estate planning is the most effective way to advance the things that are important to us in this world. Considering a bequest to the Regional Animal Protection Society can make a world of difference.

While we would be happy to connect you with an estate planner, you may prefer to add a simple line to your will, or a codicil, that assures your gift.

You can make a Specific Request by using the following wording in your will:

“I give to The Regional Animal Protection Society

(charitable registration number #890733777 RR000T), the sum of $ ___ to help save and improve the lives of animals.”

You can make a Residual Bequest by using the following wording in your will:

“I give to The Regional Animal Protection Society

(charitable registration number #890733777 RR0001 ), __ % of the residue of my estate to help save and improve the lives of animals.”

While you can do this easily, we would also appreciate it if you would let us know about your giving plans so that we can work with you to ensure that your bequest is utilized in ways that best reflect your wishes. This also allows us to thank you and acknowledge your generosity.

Death and taxes:
Two things that are entirely unavoidable.

The old saying is no less true today. We can’t avoid the inevitable.

There are, however, ways to make the inevitable work for you!

We have animal-loving lawyers and tax, financial and estate planners who volunteer with RAPS to advise you on how to maximize the tax benefits of charitable giving. You can even save on taxes this year by pledging a gift that will be realized much later, when you pass.

There are many ways to do good for animals and do good for your own financial position today. To speak with one of our professional advisors – at no cost or obligation – contact admin@rapsbc.com.

Looking for information on how to gift securities to RAPS, and the benefits?
Click here to learn more.

Take 2 minutes to watch this quick video on how you can make a huge impact with a simple addition to your will.


“For more than a quarter-century, RAPS has been caring for animals in British Columbia. We are able to keep our no-kill promise only because we have the support of people who share our commitment to the well-being of all creatures. Among the most impactful gifts we have ever received are gifts that people have left in their wills. So much of what we have accomplished – the thousands of animals whose lives we have saved and improved – have been made possible by a simple addition in a last will and testament. People tell me they choose to make a bequest to RAPS because it is a way to continue the things they cared about throughout their lives. That means so much to them – and it means so much to the animals.”

Eyal Lichtmann, RAPS CEO & Executive Director

“We see too many sad cases where a person passes away and there is no plan in place for caring for their animal companions. Planning ahead makes good sense for anyone – of any age – with an animal. And it should bring peace of mind to know that a beloved friend will not be abandoned.”

Shena Novotny, RAPS Manager, Adoption Centre & Cat Sanctuary