Facebook & Social Media Terms & Conditions

FBPolicy-ImageDear friends of RAPS,

RAPS is a community-based, volunteer-driven, no-kill animal shelter and sanctuary. We operate the Richmond City Shelter and we also have a cat sanctuary that is home to more than 500 cats. We depend on the support of individuals and businesses in our community in order to deliver the desperately needed services to animals and we are proud to partner with those who share our commitment to animal welfare through their generous donations. We save and improve the lives of thousands of animals every year in our care. We have hundreds of animals in foster care that we financially support. We provide valuable food and medicines for animals in the care of people who live below the poverty line. We donate materials to other animal organizations when we can. We desperately need the donations we receive to continue the good work of RAPS. We could not survive and could not provide the care to the animals we serve without the support of community partners. We take our responsibility to the animals very seriously and they are our primary concern. Without the commitment of the City of Richmond and private donations from individuals and corporations, and support of foundations, many animal lives would be jeopardized, we would have to limit our intake and would not be able to allocate the required and immediate resources to the healthcare of the animals. Currently, we welcome all animals brought to us.

Most importantly, one of RAPS’ stated purposes is to reach out to the community through education in the care and humane treatment of animals. We are trying to build community through our Facebook and other social media channels to affect positive change in Richmond. We need your support, not your condemnation. As an organization, we work from within to make the changes that coincide with our values. We worked with the City of Richmond to make changes to ban the sale of dogs and puppies in pet stores in malls. We got the City to create the by-law for neutering and spaying. The Richmond City Shelter became a no-kill facility when RAPS was contracted to operate it. We advocate for animals wherever we can.

RAPS posts hundreds or thousands of social media every year. Friends of RAPS are welcome to participate in the discussion. Condemnation of RAPS, calling out staff members personally and attacking RAPS’ sponsors or partners is counterproductive to RAPS’ mission of meeting the needs and requirements of the animals in our care. These actions are unacceptable and will either be hidden or banned. Rather than condemnation, we would ask that you please present your comments, on our Facebook page or other RAPS social media channels, as non-personal, refrain from attacking people or entities and present your thoughts constructively and collaboratively.

Our policy is simple. By using or accessing RAPS’ Facebook page, you agree to comply with RAPS’ Terms and Conditions listed below. RAPS reserves the right to hide or remove any posts that harms the mission and purpose of RAPS and do not adhere to our guidelines and to block anyone who violates them repeatedly. RAPS’ Facebook page and other social media channels are for the sole purpose of promoting and enhancing the mission of RAPS. We have a few rules we ask our friends, supporters and partners to follow.

The following will not be accepted on RAPS’ Facebook:

  • Post comments that contravene RAPS’ mission for the proper health and welfare of animals
  • Posts or comments that degrade others on basis of gender, race, class, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual preference or disability.
  • Any posting that contravenes the mission and objectives of RAPS
  • Any post that is deemed by RAPS to interfere or damage the relationship between RAPS and the City of Richmond and its citizens
  • Utilizing RAPS’ FB feed or other social media channels to promote a cause, idea, beliefs or missions at the expense of RAPS and all who support RAPS
  • Posts or comments that are vulgar, derogative, abusive, insulting, offensive, discourteous, impolite, rude, sexually explicit, obscene, racist comments, inappropriate language, that promote dangerous products of actions or misuse of products, or violate others’ privacy rights will not be tolerated and the user will be either banned or their comments hidden.
  • Posts or comments that contain personal attacks on other members, RAPS staff, volunteers or supporters and which attempt to incite others negatively are unacceptable and not allowed.
  • Do not use the comments section to post a link of your page for promotion purposes.

Other uses that are prohibited include:

  • Posts or comments that contain personal information such as telephone numbers, street addresses or email addresses.
  • Utilizing all caps to express negative connotations
  • Posts or comments that are commercial in nature, except where RAPS promotes its donors and sponsors.
  • Posts or comments that solicit donations or supporters other than for RAPS unless posted by RAPS.
  • Posts or comments that infringe on the rights of others (such as copyrights, trademarks or intellectual property) or are offside of statutory laws or regulations.

We are building human communities to care for animal communities. We are building animal communities for the betterment of human communities. We only accept constructive and positive discussion on our Facebook feeds. If you disagree with us, you don’t have to like or participate in the discussion. Please feel free to use your own FB feed or your own social media to express your thoughts or to contact us privately. We reserve the right to hide or delete unacceptable comments and we reserve the right to ban unfriendly and abusive participants who contravene these Terms & Condtions.