Work for the Regional Animal Protection Society

Animal Care Attendant, Level 2 – RAPS Adoption & Education Centre

The Regional Animal Protection Society in Richmond is looking for an Animal Care Attendant/Cleaner Level 2 for the RAPS Adoption Centre, located at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary – Canada’s largest. The ideal candidate is passionate about caring for animals in a shelter environment and also be an ambassador for our organization to the public.

RAPS is a registered charity that also operates the RAPS Animal Hospital, RAPS Cat Sanctuary, and the RAPS Adoption & Education Centre. RAPS is also the subject of a docu-series called “Pets & Pickers”, streaming on Discovery Canada on CRAVE TV. We are a no-kill, animal serving agency.

There is currently a day shift available but shifts could vary and may include weekends.

Duties include:

  • Feed and provide fresh water to all animals in designated areas;
  • Check all bedding for urine, vomit, etc. and change as necessary;
  • Collect and wash dishes;
  • Do laundry throughout the shift;
  • Empty garbage cans, and remove recyclables;
  • Sweep and mop all floor surfaces, cages or kennels, cage tops, and walkways;
  • Regularly move furniture, shelves and cages to clean underneath;
  • Disinfect cages or kennels, adhering to cleaning protocols;
  • Wash and sanitize litter boxes and scoops (cats);
  • Clean up feces or vomit as required;
  • Record interactions with the observation sheets hanging on the cages or kennels;
  • Take note of any health or behaviour concerns and share with managers and ACA Level 3 staff;
  • Enter medical or behavioural concerns into database;
  • Assist with large cleaning tasks as assigned by the manager;
  • Cover areas where we are short volunteers;
  • Greet and assist the public with questions regarding animal adoption;
  • Assist during visiting hours; tasks vary depending on need;
  • Keep up to date on the care of the animals by regularly checking ASM;
  • Follow all isolation protocols and handling techniques with sick animals;
  • Assist with mentoring new volunteers and/or staff members;
  • Assist management in determining adoptability and/or rehabilitation needs;
  • Work collectively and collaboratively with other staff and management;
  • Enter appropriate medical care instructions provided by vets into database;
  • Enter diary/medical notes into ASM for each animal;
  • Record all procedures, vaccines, medications, etc. into ASM;
  • Identify animals requiring medical attention;
  • Help prepare and administer medications, subcutaneous fluids, insulin, and other treatments as directed by a licensed veterinarian;
  • Monitor caged animal observation sheets and medical observation sheets addressing concerns as they come up;
  • Provide new observation sheets as needed;
  • Provide preventative treatments such as; vaccines, de-wormers and flea prevention on schedule;
  • Monitor feeding schedule for animals requiring wet food for dietary or medical reasons;
  • Trim nails, clean ears, bathe and groom animals as required;
  • Help maintain inventory of medical supplies;
  • Help track vaccine usage;
  • Assist in handling and restraining animals as needed;
  • Oversee the cleanliness and organization of the medical treatment areas;
  • Restock canned food in medical treatment areas;
  • Sanitize animal carriers when finished with them;
  • Accompany animals during euthanasia;
  • Report any operational concerns directly to management on duty or as soon as possible;
  • Other duties as required by management.

Knowledge, Education & Experience:

  • Be passionate about animals;
  • Be familiar with, and sympathetic to the goals and mission of the Regional Animal Protection Society;
  • Follow and uphold shelter policies and protocols and complete all tasks to a high standard;
  • Be patient and calm;
  • Be attentive to detail;
  • Be physically fit to restrain pets;
  • Have good interpersonal and verbal communication skills;
  • Show attention to detail and follow-up;
  • Have a positive, constructive attitude.

Judgement, Authority & Decision-making:

  • Work as part of a team, or independently when needed;
  • Work is performed in accordance with established procedures and approved practices;
  • Organization of work to accomplish goals is expected.

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Active listening, and probe for information to clarify requests;
  • Uses tact and discretion when discussing problems and eliciting sensitive or confidential information

Experience working with animals preferred.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: From $17.00 per hour


  • Dental care
  • Extended health care
  • Vision care

Please send your resume and cover letter to