Work for the Regional Animal Protection Society

Canada Summer Jobs

The Regional Animal Protection Society is currently looking to fill three Animal Care Intern positions. See below for details.

To be eligible, youth must:

  • be between 15 and 30 years of age at the beginning of the employment period*;
  • be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person to whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act for the duration of the employment**; and,
  • have a valid Social Insurance Number at the start of employment and be legally entitled to work in Canada in accordance with relevant provincial or territorial legislation and regulations.

*The youth must be 15 years of age at the beginning of the employment period. The youth may be more than 30 years of age at the end of the employment period as long as the youth was 30 at the beginning of the employment period.

**International students are not eligible participants. International students include anyone who is temporarily in Canada for studies and who is not a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person who has been granted refugee status in Canada. Youth awaiting a refugee status ruling, as well as those who hold a temporary visitor visa, youth visa or work visa are ineligible. As the objective of the Canada Summer Jobs program is to support youth entering the Canadian labour market, the temporary nature of an international student’s time in Canada does not allow for a long-term connection to the labour market.


Animal Care Interns (RAPS Cat Sanctuary)

We are looking to fill positions for our 2022 Canada Summer Jobs program. Ideal candidates would be passionate about animals and also be an ambassador for our organization to the public. RAPS is a registered charity that also operates the RAPS Cat Sanctuary and the RAPS Animal Hospital. We are a no-kill, animal serving agency. Hours of work will vary.

General Duties:

  • Feed and provide fresh water to all cats in designated areas
  • Check all bedding and change as necessary
  • Collect and wash dishes
  • Do laundry throughout the shift
  • Empty garbage cans, and remove recyclables
  • Sweep and mop all floor surfaces, cages and walkways
  • Clean and disinfect cages, adhering to Cleaning Protocols
  • Wash dirty litter boxes
  • Clean up feces or vomit as required
  • Take note of any health of behaviour concerns and share with the Sanctuary Managers and senior staff
  • Assist with large cleaning projects as assigned by the Sanctuary Manager and Assistant Manager
  • Complete tasks of volunteers who are unable to come in

Other Duties and Expectations:

  • Remain focused (complete one task before attending to another task)
  • Seek clarification when unclear about daily tasks or special assignments
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding staff concerns/issues, sanctuary cat details (do not share confidential details with volunteers or visitors)
  • Follow all Isolation protocols and handling techniques with sick animals to ensure no spread of illness

Other Duties and Expectations:

  • Genuine concern for the welfare of animals
  • Previous animal experience required, animal restraint experience as asset
  • Is familiar with, and sympathetic to the goals and mission of the Regional Animal Protection Society
  • Follow and uphold shelter policies and protocols and complete all tasks to a high standard
  • Works as part of a team, or independently when needed
  • Work is performed in accordance with established procedures and approved practices
  • Organization of work to accomplish goals is expected
  • Actively listens, and probes for information to clarify requests
  • Positive outlook required
  • Uses tact and discretion when discussing problems and eliciting sensitive or confidential information
  • Considerable interpersonal skills are required

Job Types: Full-time, Temporary, Contract

RAPS Animal Hospital

The RAPS Animal Hospital, operated by the Regional Animal Protection Society, is a not-for-profit, state-of-the-art veterinary facility. We are motivated by our love of animals and the desire to save and improve as many lives as possible – not by profits.

As a member of our collegial, tight-knit team, you will help care for the animals at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, at the RAPS Adoption Centre & Education and in our fostering network.

You will also join us in providing services to the general public – the revenue from which is reinvested in RAPS programs to do more good for more animals. That means your dedication not only helps the animals we care for directly, but supports homeless, abandoned and endangered animals throughout our region.

The RAPS Animal Hospital team, made up of deeply devoted, compassionate veterinarians, vet techs and vet office staff and supported by a powerful cadre of trained and equipped support volunteers, is proud of the individualized attention we provide to the animals and our parallel commitment to a respectful, balanced, gratifying and rewarding work environment.

Our facility is equipped with brand-new, industry-leading equipment. This is an opportunity for you to practice your knowledge and grow your expertise in a supportive, progressive hospital.

Veterinary Office Receptionist

Veterinary Office Receptionist Duties and Responsibilities:

The primary responsibility of a Veterinary Receptionist is to assist our Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, Veterinary Office Assistants, the animals in our care as well as assist owners of pets brought to the Hospital. The Lead Veterinarian is the ultimate authority of the Hospital. Veterinary Receptionists report to the Hospital Manager and the most senior Veterinarian (DVM) on staff while on shift. To provide adequate care, responsibilities include but are not limited, to:

  • Provide exceptional customer/ client care and representing RAPS in the most highly professional manner and demeanor at all times, in public and staff only areas of the hospital, on the phone and through electronic communication mediums.
  • Assist with all front line public facing duties including reception
  • Provide all required reception duties including:
  • Answering phones
  • Booking appointments
  • Providing follow up to customers and clients
  • Issuing invoices and taking payments
  • Assisting customer and clients to waiting room or exam rooms
  • Providing front line sales
  • Taking donations from the public
  • Assisting with mail and package deliveries
  • All other front line reception duties as required
  • Provide exceptional and professional staff interactions with staff cohorts at all times.
  • Treat all volunteers and RAPS members with the highest respect.
  • Greet patients and clients and their owners as they arrive, inquire the reasons for visit, and show them to an examining room
  • Taking the animals’ vital signs including measuring the animals’ weight, blood pressure, breathing rate, etc.
  • Prepare animals for testing by collecting their blood, urine, and tissue samples needed to carry out test for diagnosis. The veterinary assistant may also perform the testing under the veterinarian’s supervision. Testing includes blood, fecal, urine, and other subjects
  • Provide patient restraint during procedures and examinations
  • Provide assistance during radiology procedures which may include developing X-rays
  • Feed, bathe and care for patients in our facility
  • Clean the animal environment to ensure that it’s clean and danger free for the animals. This includes applying disinfectants to kill germs and bathing the animals to keep them clean
  • Ensure the hospital is clean at all times, including all surfaces, floors, walls and equipment and public common areas.
  • Clean and maintain the surgical room in preparation for procedures including sterilizing the surgical equipment to prevent contamination and disease transmission
  • Prepare instruments and medications as directed by veterinary personnel
  • Assist in administering medication to patients as prescribed by the veterinarian unless otherwise administered by a Vet Tech. Facilitate dispensing of medication
  • Assist in post operation duties including observing and monitoring the patients to ensure that they are recuperating well and to report negative changes observed to the veterinarian
  • Calm and soothe anxious patients
  • Adhere to hospital’s safety and wellness regulations
  • Make available drugs prescribed by the veterinarian to the patients and instruct animal owners on how to administer them to their animals at home
  • Inform and educate clients on treatment, surgical procedures, and medication for their pets.
  • Educate clients about our insurance, wellness and medicinal plans
  • Provide answers and or resources to clients’ worries about their animals and general pet care. Direct clients to the veterinarian for further consultation
  • Maintain clear, accurate medical records of all animals attended to at the clinic and answer all inquiries made by clients at the front desk
  • Assist at reception whenever required to do so
  • Assist with RAPS Society duties inside and outside the hospital as required
  • Assist with the hospital retail centre including reception desk when required
  • Assist with all duties assigned by the RAPS CEO or DVM on duty, based on the business imperatives of RAPS
  • Reassignment of duties may be required based on the business imperatives of RAPS, which includes assisting the shelter, sanctuary, thrift store or administration offices
  • Must be willing to work weekends and evenings as required

Although the job requires a great deal of collaboration with Veterinarians, Vet Techs, and Veterinary Assistants, the Veterinary Receptionists are expected to have initiative and to work independently in getting their job done.

Skills & Qualifications

Communication skills and interpersonal skills are especially important as Veterinary Receptionists interact act with many people including the veterinarian and hospital staff, office personnel, clients, volunteers, donors and vendors. The skills, knowledge and abilities mostly required to work as veterinary assistants include the following:

  • Be passionate about animals
  • Be passionate about RAPS
  • Be patient and calm
  • Be attentive to detail
  • Be overly friendly to customers. Clients, patients
  • Have good interpersonal and verbal communication skills to attend to visitors at the front desk and animal owners
  • Using IDEXX Cornerstone practice-management / client software
  • Great phone communication and customer services
  • Attention to detail and follow up
  • Microsoft office computer proficiencies
  • A positive, constructive attitude

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: $16.00-$21.00 per hour

COVID-19 considerations: Client interactions are done outside. Staff wears face masks and practice physical distancing. Frequent sanitizing of work stations is done.

Experience: Reception experience: 1 year (required)

Work remotely: No

Email your resume and cover letter to:

Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Technician Duties and Responsibilities:
The primary responsibility of a Veterinary Technician is providing exceptional medical care to animals that come to the RAPS Animal Hospital. With oversight from the DVM, the Veterinary Technician’s responsibilities include, but are not limited, to:

  • Provide exceptional customer/ client care and representing RAPS in the most highly professional manner and demeanor at all times, in public and staff only areas of the hospital, on the phone and through electronic communication mediums.
  • Provide exceptional and professional staff interactions with staff cohorts at all times.
  • Treat all volunteers and RAPS members with the highest respect.
  • Determines animal requirements by conducting examinations and interviews; reviewing care plans and records; completing laboratory tests and studies, and diagnostic imaging.
  • Cares for animals by taking vital signs; collecting samples; administering medications, drugs, and vaccines; bandaging and wrapping wounds; performing hydrotherapy, physical and inhalation therapies.
  • Supports animal examinations by assembling required supplies and instruments; securing and bringing animals to examination room; restraining animals; providing assistance as directed; explaining animal’s status to owner.
  • Supports operations by assembling required supplies and instruments; setting-up surgery table instruments; restraining animals; completing local/regional anesthesia; operating and monitoring anesthetic machines; hooking-up ECG monitors; preparing surgical site including sterilizing and shaving; placing catheters; obtaining blood gases; cleaning-up post-surgical site; maintaining sterile conditions; obtaining and verifying medications.
  • Maintains animals by feeding and watering animals; cleaning animals’ rooms, cages, and equipment; changing cages; observing for clinical signs of disease.
  • Maintains safe, secure, healthy and humane environment by sterilizing and wrapping instruments; sanitizing and disinfecting holding and operating areas; storing sterile supplies; verifying shelf life; following standards and procedures; complying with legal regulations, keeping the hospital clean in all areas.
  • Maintains precise animal records by documenting animal conditions, reactions, and changes; updating database.
  • Maintains equipment by following operating instructions; troubleshooting breakdowns; maintaining equipment supplies; performing preventive maintenance; calling for repairs.
  • Keeps supplies ready by inventorying stock; placing orders; verifying receipt.
  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional journals.
  • Informing and educating animal owners including teaching animal owners how to administer medication and perform basic medical procedures at home and answering any questions about general pet care
  • Enhances service reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments
  • Must be willing to work on weekends as schedule requires.

Veterinary Technician Skills, Qualifications and Expectations:
As a staff member or contractor of RAPS Animal Hospital, you are an employee of the Regional Animal Protection Society and have an extra duty of loyalty and conflict of interest care to the RAPS Society. As such, you are dedicated to the organizations’ mission and vision, its strategic directions and imperatives and to publicly promoting the organization positively and professionally at all times, especially with all internal and external stakeholders. You hold a special position of responsibility and trust and agree that you have an extra duty of loyalty to RAPS and that during your employment with RAPS you will not engage in any activity or otherwise put yourself in a position which conflicts with RAPS’ business interests. This duty of loyalty requires that any conflict of interest, real or possible, be disclosed to management. Staff must avoid transactions that benefit them personally and refrain from engaging in any activity or transaction that may result in even the appearance of a conflict of interest or can damage the business interest or reputation of RAPS.

Core skills:

  • Duly registered and in good standing with the British Columbia Veterinary Technologists Association on an ongoing basis
  • Performing dental exams and dental cleanings
  • Ability to assist DVM with preparations for and with surgeries
  • Use of all x-ray equipment, procedures
  • Use of all diagnostic equipment and procedures
  • Using IDEXX Cornerstone practice-management / client software
  • Administering medications to animals in a safe manner
  • Restraining animals during exams and procedures
  • Use of medical technologies
  • Taking vital signs accurately and collecting lab samples
  • Performing first aid on sick animals
  • Maintaining laboratory equipment
  • Providing post-operative care to a variety of animals
  • Documentation skills
  • Analyzing information
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Attention to detail
  • Patience and professional positive attitude with all internal and external constituents of the RAPS Animal Hospital and RAPS
  • Proficiency in English
  • Training new employees to perform veterinary procedures
  • Verbal communication
  • Adherence to RAPS protocols and mission/ vision and values as a no-kill organization

Our ideal candidate should possess a ‘can-do’ attitude, be a driven, self-starter and represent RAPS in a professional manner at all times.

Experience preferred but recent graduates will be considered.

This position is a flexible, hourly position and may include evenings and weekends as required.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: $25.00-$30.00 per hour

COVID-19 considerations: Physical distancing measures in place. Staff wear masks. Clients remain in their cars for the duration of their appointment.

Interested in working for the Regional Animal Protection Society?

If you feel that you have something special to offer our organization and don’t see a position posted that meets your qualifications, drop us a line or consider volunteering.

Please send your resume and cover letter to