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Get your 2019 Dog License from RAPS!

Obtain your license through RAPS at the City Animal Shelter, and 50% of your fee will go to RAPS! YAY!

Help us help the animals. Please renew your dog’s license with RAPS and help us because 50% of the renewal fee will go to RAPS – its easy! Visit us or bring the dog license renewal notice you received in the mail to the RAPS City Animal Shelter at 12071 No 5 Rd. If this is your first time licensing your dog, come by the RAPS City of Richmond Animal Shelter at 12071 No 5 Rd, and fill out the forms. RAPS will pass along all the information to the City (renewal or new license).

Animals Need RAPS…RAPS Needs You! Thanks for helping us save the animals!

For more information on licensing and everything RAPS does to make a stronger community for the animals and people of Richmond, contact us at (604) 275-2036 or info@rapsbc.com.