Dog Sanctuary

You can be a part of history and help RAPS keep our no-kill promise

The Regional Animal Protection Society has long dreamed of opening a dog sanctuary, modelled on and paralleling the RAPS Cat Sanctuary. Once-in-a-generation circumstances now present an unprecedented opportunity to realize this dream.

RAPS has a no-kill promise to keep. We keep the promise by operating the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, where hundreds of mostly unadoptable felines live their lives surrounded by all the love and care they crave.

When dogs are difficult to adopt, because of health or behavioural issues, other jurisdictions euthanize them. We rehabilitate them.

We have a dream that RAPS can become the recognized leader in the rehabilitation of difficult-to-adopt dogs.

We want to construct a state-of-the-art RAPS Dog Sanctuary, a facility where dogs will be immersed in all the socialization, training, rehabilitation and care they need to become the dogs we know they can become. The aim will be that, no matter how long it takes, these dogs will eventually find themselves at the heart of a loving forever family.

This dream depends on you.

Help build the RAPS Dog Sanctuary.


Click here to learn about this exciting project – and be a part of history. Help us keep our no-kill promise to the most special of dogs. Check out naming opportunities available as outlined on page 8.