Cat Sanctuary Wish List


RAPS depends on the kindness of animal-loving supporters to deliver the services we do.

We frequently have need for unique items … By issuing a callout to the public, we can avoid allocating money that would otherwise go directly to caring for the animals. Below are a number of items we need right now. If you have any of these on hand, or would be willing to purchase them on our behalf, you would have the gratitude of our people — and the animals we care for will also thank you in their own way! Please also visit our Amazon wish list here for a few of our essential items.

We are always in need of:

  • unscented, scoopable kitty litter
  • paper towels
  • high efficiency laundry detergent (natural or eco brands are preferred)
  • dish soap
  • white vinegar (for cleaning and odour elimination)
  • Method brand cleaning products
  • Fancy Feast
  • Friskies (especially seafood flavours)
  • good quality mops and brooms
  • medium and large litter boxes (new)
  • litter scoops
  • large cat trees (in good condition)
  • garbage bags (large and kitchen size)
  • construction supplies

Please email for details

Our cats (and humans!) thank you for your generous donation.