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Welcome to our new ginger siblings!

Litter-mates Titan and Dixie came to us from Haida Gwaii, from one of the shelters we work with elsewhere in the province. The pair had been adopted and then abandoned when the owners moved. Because they had lived most of their lives outside of a home, they were unsocialised and not considered adoptable. Pacific Coastal Airlines generously flew them down for free and we were able to pick them up at the South Terminal.

A very shy pair in their early days with us, they huddled in their cage and were not ready to respond to overtures from the Kitty Comforters. Once the cage was opened, Titan, the braver of the two, went exploring.

For a while we had Dixie staying in a cage to receive attentive medical care and, once released, she zeroed in on the feral area where she found most comfort in her own space, avoiding contact from more than the occasional human visitor.

Titan has made himself at home, without settling in one place. He’s a cat that walks by himself, mostly – he tolerates other cats, but doesn’t interact with them much. However, he does go and visit with his sister from time to time. He is starting to allow contact with humans. Dixie accepts contact reluctantly, but the med staff have been bringing her tasty plates, so she is being more enthusiastic about what the appearance of a human might mean.

Fourteen years ago, RAPS’ founder Carol Reichart brought two orange siblings into the Sanctuary. Daniel and Henrik were a much loved pair – we lost Daniel last year and Henrik very recently. It’s good to have a pair of orange siblings with us again in the front courtyard! Welcome to RAPS, Titan and Dixie!