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Sunday Sanctuary visits now by admission fee

Sunday afternoons, from 1 – 4, the RAPS Cat Sanctuary welcomes visitors. This is an important opportunity for us, for the cats in our care, and for the public, who love spending time with our 500 wonderful cats.

Lately, we have been welcoming as many as 100 visitors on Sundays. The popularity of this opportunity is wonderful. However, it has stretched our staff and volunteers, who need to keep a watchful eye to ensure that visitors, including unsupervised children, are not stressing the feline residents and that everyone – human and feline – is safe and happy.

We hope that our community will understand that, for these reasons, we have decided to request a $5 per person ($20 per ‘family’; ‘family’ = maximum of two parents or guardians and three children) admission fee for the Sunday afternoon visits. (Monthly Sanctuary cat sponsors to RAPS will not be asked to donate.)

Funds raised will directly support the care and well-being of the animals in the RAPS Cat Sanctuary.

For two decades, the RAPS Cat Sanctuary has operated completely on the kind support of friends like you.

We hope that you will continue to join us on Sundays and know that your visit and your support makes possible everything we do.

We also ask that visitors carefully supervise their children, for the well-being of the cats and to avoid any scratches or bites from stressed out kitties! As such, we are asking that no children under the age of six be permitted at the Sanctuary and children thirteen and under must be “arms-lengthed” supervised at all times.

Due to parking congestion, we ask that, wherever possible, visitors access transit options to visit the Sanctuary. From Brighouse Station, for example, the Sanctuary is a brief, 13-minute bus ride and a short walk.

As always, we welcome your feedback on this new initiative.