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Happy reunion for family and lost cat


Yesterday was a lucky day for Boxie and her worried family.

Boxie, a tortie cat adopted from RAPS almost 10 years ago, escaped from her home on September 11, and was sadly missed for three weeks by her anxious family. 

IMG_7451Boxie, who had one eye removed from a previous accident, was found hanging around a neighbour’s property, not too far from her actual home. Thankfully, the owner of the home was concerned and had a feeling the cat was a beloved member of someone’s family. She began trying to win over Boxie’s trust, but the frightened cat was initially skittish and wouldn’t venture close. Over a few days though, Boxie became braver and the kind lady who had been trying to coax Boxie to within arm’s reach finally had a chance to pick her up. With Boxie safe with the finder and out of harm’s way of predators and traffic, the neighbour checked Craigslist’s lost and found section. She easily identified Boxie as the one-eyed tortie cat whose family had placed an ad asking anyone with information on Boxie to call RAPS. The finder called yesterday and brought Boxie into the shelter. Boxie was checked over by our in-house veterinarian and found to healthy, if a little skinny. Her grateful family was contacted with the wonderful news that their sweet girl was found and waiting for pick-up at the RAPS City Animal Shelter. A relief-filled reunion happened within the hour and Danny and Julie brought their beloved Boxie home.

Boxie was named by Danny and Julie’s son because she was found abandoned in a box outside a local pet store before coming to RAPS.

Unlike dogs who are found running at large and are either brought to the shelter as strays by concerned citizens or picked up by our Animal Control Officer, cats who are running loose are often assumed by many people to simply be outdoor cats as opposed to someone’s beloved pet who may have accidentally the safety of their home.