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Happy Ending on Queue

By Julie Desgroseilliers

Queue the kitten came to RAPS in late October after she was found wandering the warehouse at a recycling plant. Alone, cold and weak, Queue was fed and given a bath before being brought to the shelter. Weighing only just over a pound, tiny Queue was emaciated for an eight-week old kitten.

queue-afterShortly after arriving at the shelter, we determined that she had likely been scavenging for anything edible (she was bringing up bird seed) in order to survive. Over the next several days, Queue’s condition worsened: she began vomiting and having uncontrollable diarrhea. She stopped eating, became listless and her breathing became laboured.

Queue was rushed to an emergency vet for observation and was diagnosed with multiple internal parasites, abdominal fluid build-up and enlarged organs, and a bacterial infection in her lungs.

After days of subcutaneous fluids, force feedings and around-the-clock observation, Queue slowly began to improve. There were many days and nights when we felt she wouldn’t survive, but Queue thankfully proved us all wrong.

She is now thriving in her foster home. She is active, alert and, of course, always hungry! Queue has such a sweet, gentle disposition and enjoys the company of other cats. She will be ready for adoption in a few week’s time.