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The Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS, previously Richmond Animal Protection Society) is a registered charity that operates the City of Richmond Animal Shelter and, independently, one of North America’s largest cat sanctuaries. RAPS is proud to be a no-kill organization, which is among the reasons we have built a strong and devoted community of animal-loving allies.

Our No-Kill Philosophy

RAPS is committed to operating both the Richmond City Shelter and the RAPS Cat Sanctuary as no-kill shelters. Our philosophy is that no animal will be euthanized unless it is absolutely unavoidable, meaning that the animal is severely injured or is suffering in great pain, with little or no hope of recovery despite treatment.  We will never euthanize an animal in our care simply because it is old, requires expensive medical care, is poorly trained or badly behaved, is less adoptable than other animals in our care or because of insufficient space in our facilities. We believe that every life is precious and that every animal, not only the young, the healthy, the attractive and the docile, deserves a chance to be safe, healthy and loved.

RAPS Cat Sanctuary

The RAPS Cat Sanctuary consists of 3 main buildings and over a dozen smaller ones, as well as two courtyards. Our main buildings have enclosed decks which provide indoor cats access to fresh air and sunshine. New arrivals live in 6-ft high, walk-in cages until they have adjusted to their new environment.

Fenced outer yards and cedar cottages provide a safe haven and home to more than 500 cats who prefer an outdoor life. Hundreds of others lounge or stroll throughout the inner courtyard, surrounded by beautiful flower gardens that have been planted by volunteers. Visitors to our shelter have called it “cat paradise”, “Club Med for cats” and “heaven for cat lovers.” It’s a great place to escape the stresses of city life and to meet like-minded animal lovers. The shelter is maintained by approximately 100 dedicated volunteers and is funded by private donations and through the earnings of the RAPS Thrift Store.

RAPS City Shelter

The RAPS City Shelter is located on No. 5 Road in Richmond, BC. The facility houses lost, abandoned and surrendered dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, other pets, and occasionally farm animals. The shelter is run by a small staff, paid for by the City, and many dedicated volunteers.

All funds used to feed and provide veterinary care for the animals come from private donations. With a strict no-kill philosophy, all animals at this shelter are cared for until a good home is found. The RAPS City Shelter is often referred to as a “happy place” to meet your new animal companions. The public can view the animals daily beginning at 12:00 noon.

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