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Three-legged Trooper Needs You

Please help us give this resilient Saskatchewan survivor the life he deserves!

Trooper is a miracle cat! He survived the Saskatchewan winter with a brutal trap attached to his leg. He is now a three-legged wonder who has regained his strength and is ready to live life to the fullest. He has FIV (“feline AIDS”) and RAPS Cat Sanctuary is one of the only places that specializes in providing a forever home for cats with this manageable condition.

After all he’s been through, Trooper deserves the best life! Will you help? We need funds for transportation, his continuing veterinary needs and lifelong care.

Please give as generously as you can.


Trooper’s Story

In February and March of this year, residents in the small Saskatchewan town of Lintlaw saw a cat (now named Trooper!) dragging a large trap behind him.

Being a feral cat, Trooper evaded capture – even in the minus-30-degree weather of a brutal Prairie winter.

After more than two weeks of repeated sightings, Trooper took refuge in someone’s garage. The elderly couple caught him and, with the help of the neighbors, sawed off the trap from Trooper’s leg and immediately took him to the vet.

When he was finally brought into care, Trooper was barely alive. In addition to having a decayed leg, his fur was a disaster and he was clearly beaten up after a life on the streets.

After several weeks of recuperation at the clinic, Trooper was finally strong and healthy enough to have his leg amputated and his neutering procedure.

Trooper also tested positive for FIV (or “feline AIDS). The rescue organization in Saskatchewan but their fostering network is at capacity. Because he has FIV, Trooper has been kept in a kennel away from the other cats at the organization’s facility, because FIV is transmissible between cats. (But not from cats to humans!)

RAPS is known across Canada and beyond as a destination for cats with FIV. So they reached out to us with a desperate plea.

Given all that Trooper has endured and survived, they believe he deserves a chance at a happy, long and healthy life. So do we.

Trooper is still scared around new people, but he warms up and is super-loving after a time. He now welcomes belly rubs and drools from delight!