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Sweet Pea Needs Your Help

Semi-feral Calgary cat headed to RAPS Cat Sanctuary as she adapts to life on three legs. Can you help with her transition and care?

Can you help us rescue a special kitty?


Animal allies in Calgary contacted us to ask for help after they rescued 13 cats from the home of a man who had gone missing. (The elderly man was later found in critical condition, having driven down an embankment in rural Alberta. He subsequently passed away.)

Most of the cats were unsocialized and 12 of the 13 were rehomed in an appropriate rural situation where they can live their lives relatively unbothered by humans.

The 13th cat, Sweet Pea, was discovered to be walking on three legs. A veterinary check showed her leg was shattered.

She was spayed – and her leg was amputated.

Since she is adapting to life on three legs, our friends in Calgary – this is the same rescue from which we got William Shakes-purr (see below!) – didn’t want her placed in the same situation as the other dozen.

Her personality is also not conducive to a home environment right now. She isn’t entirely feral, so she may come around, as so many cats do as they settle in to life at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary and come to realize that humans can be awesome.

So they reached out to us.

Sweet Pea will be coming to live with us – and maybe someday with a forever family. We’ll see how she adapts.

In the meantime, we are asking for your support as we transport and welcome Sweet Pea to the family. Every life we save and improve is possible only because we have the support of friends like you!


Will you help fund Sweet Pea’s rescue and ongoing care?

Thank you!