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Peppa needs your help!

A caring human reached out to us because, six months ago, their neighbour asked if she could cat-sit for three months while the neighbor went to work in Fort McMurray. Peppa’s person was supposed to get settled, then come pick up Peppa. The neighbor never came back.

The person who has been caring for Peppa has allergies and has been taking antihistamine consistently.


Peppa, who is a long-haired cat, is a rescue who suffered neglect. She has not allowed anyone to deal with the tightly matted fur on her belly and around the anus. Her caregiver could only manage to clip her front nails and that was very stressful – not least because the carer is on blood thinners!

Peppa has dental cavities and, according to a veterinarian Peppa saw, that led to an infection. She is in pain but the caregiver can’t afford the care.

The vet visit, with lab work, cost $600. Aside from dental issues and the matting, she is pretty healthy. Peppa is now on antibiotics and pain medication.

Peppa was also not vaccinated.

The person who is caring for Peppa is a single mom with a minimum wage job and currently on workers’ compensation. She has a teen with ASD who needs treatments that aren’t covered by the health system.

Please help.

“Peppa is a sweet cat who’s been through too much and I can’t give her what she needs,” says the caregiver. “As much as it pains me to know she’s going to experience being abandoned again, I cannot keep her. My health and my lack of money to get her the help she needs to be pain-free means I need to surrender her.”

RAPs wants to make everything better for Peppa. But we need your help.

If you are in a financial position to assist, please do. It will mean the world to Peppa.