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College of the Rockies

Emergency Rescue of Cat Colony at Cranbrook’s College of the Rockies is underway.

RAPS will be welcoming a colony of 14 cats from the College of the Rockies!

Located in Cranbrook, B.C., the College of the Rockies has had a successfully volunteer-run, well-managed feral cat colony living on campus for 10 years. There are 14 cats, and they are healthy, have names, individual personalities, and are strongly bonded to one another. They have been spayed or neutered and depend on the food, water and shelter that has been provided to them through the volunteer colony caretaker at their own personal expense for the entire duration.


While these cats are cared for, this is clearly not an ideal situation for them. The weather and other elements, predators and other dangers make the RAPS Cat Sanctuary a better forever home for these animals.

These cats have been part of a “semi-managed” colony. This means that they were fed, partly sheltered and were spayed and neutered, but they have not received consistent medical or dental attention – most of them probably for their entire lives.

When they arrive at RAPS, each cat will be examined, receive SNAP tests, Leukemia vaccines and FVRCP vaccines. We anticipate at least a few significant medical conditions, especially dental issues. (If, as is entirely possible, some cats have major health challenges, the anticipated expenses for this rescue operation could escalate dramatically.)

RAPS is urgently fundraising $45,000, which is the minimum necessary to provide initial care for these 14 cats.

RAPS believes that where an animal lives should not determine whether an animal lives. That is why we partner with friends like the College of the Rockies to save and improve the lives of animals like this colony.

Everything we do – including this urgent rescue operation – is possible only because we have a community of committed animal allies like YOU who make possible everything we do!

We know that these are challenging times for many households. That means that, if you are in a position to help, your support means that much more. Thank you in advance for your continuing and deeply necessary commitment to the animals!


Caring for an individual cat at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary costs $260 per month … that’s $3,120 annually! This is the base cost for a healthy cat! A cat that requires special diet, extraordinary medical care or other “extras” means the costs can go up a lot. That’s why we need YOU!