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Haela Helps

Philanthropic tween bakes up treats – and donates funds to RAPS and other animal groups!

Haela St-Louis aims to open her own animal rescue sanctuary – but in the meantime, the 11-year-old is helping out other organizations and making lives happier for the animals in more than a dozen shelters, including RAPS!

Haela is the mastermind behind the Barking Bakery – to be inclusive, she refers to it as the Barking (and Meowing) Bakery – which bakes natural and organic treats and cakes for pets. She donates 100% of proceeds to shelters and rescues. The bakery’s Instagram feed features animals of all shapes and sizes chowing down on Haela’s creations – some gingerly, others, like 16-year-old Yuki, with maniacal abandon.

Haela, who lives in North Vancouver, wants to start a line of pet food and continue providing funds to organizations that save lives. Her treats are already being sold at retailers in Metro Vancouver.

She dreams of teaming up with Canadian rapper Drake because he loves animals. Local celeb Ryan Reynolds is another star she’d love to connect with, in part because, in Deadpool, he wears a Hello Kitty backpack and wears a T-shirt featuring Taylor Swift’s cats.

“It would be out of this world amazing to team up with either!” she says.

Haela loves visiting the cats at RAPS and sharing her creations with the animals.

RAPS depends on animal allies to help us save and improve the lives of animals. We are so thrilled that Haela is well on her way to a life committed to making the world a better place for all species. The future is in good hands with young social entrepreneurs like her!

Thanks Haela!