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Humans of RAPS: Molly Sjerdal

Everything RAPS does is about the animals. But all we accomplish is thanks to a small army of aMAZing human beings!

This week, meet Molly Sjerdal!

What do you do at RAPS?

My title is Animal Care Attendant 2, which means I do a bit of everything. Most of the time I’m cleaning in different areas of the Sanctuary, and training new volunteers. I also do “meds” shifts where we make sure our cats get their prescribed medications, do wellness checks and flea treatments, and work alongside the RAPS Animal Hospital in the care of our residents.

When did you start at RAPS?

I started volunteering on weekends when I was in high school, was hired as a summer intern for a few years while in university, and have been on staff consistently since 2013, including a few months working in the admin office. I fell in love with the Sanctuary when I was 15, and never left!

What attracts you to this organization?

I originally joined because my family has always had cats, and it felt great to help out the ones that weren’t suited to human homes. But I stayed because I was inspired by RAPS founder Carol Reichert, who had a vision of providing care for these animals, regardless of their backgrounds, behaviour, or health issues. I’m part of an incredibly compassionate team at the Sanctuary, and I know we do everything we can to make sure our cats have safe and comfortable lives.

What is your fave / least fave part of the job?

I have a couple of favourite things. I love getting to bond with the animals— since we’re a no-kill sanctuary, I’ve known some cats nearly their entire lives (one, in particular, almost 16 years!). And with around 375 cats, despite our best efforts, inevitably some things can get pretty gross, so I also love deep-cleaning things all around the Sanctuary.

My least favourite part is when we have to say goodbye to any of our cats when they pass. That never gets easier.

A bit about yourself?

I grew up in Richmond, but now I live in East Vancouver. Working full time at the Sanctuary doesn’t leave a lot of time for hobbies, but I enjoy various kinds of crafting, and doing freelance graphic design. I have one cat of my own, and my housemate also has one. They’re not good enough friends yet to cuddle together, but I think they’ll get there someday.

Thank you Molly for your dedication to the animals!