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Dango has a problem. Can you help?

We’re looking for a patient home for a current Cat Sanctuary resident with a little problem.

Dango is one of our very handsome FIV boys! He is almost six years old and he’s neutered. Cats with feline immunodeficiency virus can live long, healthy and happy lives. That’s not the problem!

Here’s the problem: We recently discovered that Dango needs to be a on special prescription urinary diet as he developed a serious urinary blockage. At the Sanctuary, with hundreds of cats around, it is quite hard to be able to offer specific diets as we do communal feeding. As a result, Dango has to spend more time in a cage than we (or he!) would like.

The thing is … Dango has developed a habit of urinating inappropriately when loose with the other cats. When he is in a cage by himself, he uses his litter box perfectly. Dango is picky when choosing his cat friends and therefore doesn’t like most of the cats in his section so we are pretty sure that’s why he urinates inappropriately while out of his cage.

Therefore, we are looking for a loving and understanding foster fam that is willing to bring Dango home to test out if he will continue urinating inappropriately once he is the only cat in the house. He wants to be the King of the Castle and is ready to soak up all the love he deserves.

He has a great personality – he is super loving, can be quite silly and playful and loves belly rubs. On the flip side, he is also independent and does enjoy his alone time. (Wait … doesn’t this describe most of us?!)

RAPS will cover the cost of food and any medical needs that may come up. If you think your home might the place where Dango can spend the rest of his life loving you, contact shena@rapsbc.com or valeriew@rapsbc.com.