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Elvis makes a miraculous recovery

Now Fresh premium pet food keeps him coming back to his bowl – and that makes him healthy and happy after a life-threatening injury.

Elvis was destined for Heartbreak Hotel when he was discovered in a remote coastal community in British Columbia. He had probably been hit by a car and he was in very bad shape.

His mouth was particularly affected, his gums irritated and swollen. He had broken and fractured teeth.

A series of veterinary hospitals that didn’t have the capacity to help Elvis contacted the RAPS Animal Hospital. As a not-for-profit hospital operated by a no-kill organization, RAPS is often called upon when options run out for a desperate animal.

Elvis got the dental work he needed and a very substantial range of other medical treatments. Like so many animals who have faced very serious illnesses, injuries or disabilities, he showed amazing resilience! He is now a happy resident of the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, living the life he was meant to – safe, cared for and with everything he needs.

For a cat who has suffered like Elvis has, recovering full health means getting the nutrition he needs. This can be especially difficult when an animal has a major injury to his mouth, jaw and teeth, as Elvis had. Getting adequate nourishment is a cornerstone to recovery.

Fortunately, the residents at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary receive some of the finest, tastiest, scientifically balanced, nutrient-rich foods – Now Fresh brand, in flavours like wild salmon pate and minced chicken recipe – which Elvis loves. He keeps coming back for more … which is great for keeping up his energy and health!

RAPS exists to save the lives of animals like Elvis who, in other circumstances, might not have had the chance. We depend on amazing allies like our friends at Petcurean, makers of premium pet foods including Elvis’ fave, Now Fresh, to keep the animals in our care healthy and happy!