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Volunteer of the Month: Nyles Ung

Everything RAPS does is for the animals … But everything we accomplish is possible because of devoted humans!

Meet this month’s Volunteer of the Month, Nyles Ung!

How long have you been volunteering at RAPS?

I’ve been volunteering at RAPS for about a year now.

Where within RAPS have you / do you volunteer?

I originally volunteered at the RAPS Thrift Store on Francis, but then I was relocated to Granville, and that is where I volunteer now!

Why did you choose RAPS as your place of volunteering?

I chose to volunteer at the RAPS Thrift Stores because I support the entire cause of all proceeds going towards helping animals. I also found it a good opportunity to help the community around me and give back to the community.

Favourite part about volunteering?

My favourite part about volunteering is being able to help those around me, and  talking to and helping customers

Anything else you’d like to add?

I just want to thank everyone I have worked with, and RAPS entirely, for teaching me, and allowing me to have this opportunity!

Thank you Nyles for all you do!