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Humans of RAPS: Dr. Matin Imani

Everything RAPS does is about the animals. But everything we achieve is possible because of amazing humans. This week, meet Dr. Matin Imani, the newest member of the medical team at the RAPS Animal Hospital!

Dr. Imani trained as a veterinarian in his native Iran and has practiced in Alberta and British Columbia. The range and variety of the work he encounters is one of the things he loves about the job – as well as the satisfaction of working with so many loving animals!

At home, he has a little Pomeranian, Archie, who tags along when Matin goes running, and a domestic longhaired cat, named Cookie.

In addition to running with his dog, Dr. Imani’s spare time is spent skating, cycling and swimming.

Welcome to the RAPS family, Dr. Imani.