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Tumbleweed Needs You!

We have an amazing miracle guy who needs your help!

Tumbleweed is estimated to be around eight years old, which is a pretty amazing age for a feral cat with a physical disability that makes him easy prey for predators.


RAPS was contacted by our friends at Foster Kritters Feral Cat Rescue, in Cowichan, on Vancouver Island. They have a colony of feral cats who they have been trapping, neutering and releasing (TNR). Among these was one cat, who has been named Tumbleweed, with the condition known as Cerebellar Hypoplasia.

In short, according to the website Pet MD, Cerebellar hypoplasia is “a condition where a kitten’s brain does not finish growing and remains in an immature state due to a viral infection in the mother cat. The infection causes a pause in the unborn kitten’s brain development, specifically to the area called the cerebellum, which is responsible for coordinated movement and balance.

“The severity of symptoms highly depends on how developed the kitten is at the time the mother is infected. It is not a contagious disease, so if your cat is exposed to another cat with cerebellar hypoplasia, your cat is not at risk for developing any symptoms. The condition does not worsen over time to those cats that are born with cerebellar hypoplasia.”

Tumbleweed was described as “walking like a drunken sailor in a bouncy castle” (apologies to professional seafarers) and the name Tumbleweed beautifully captures the erratic nature of his movements.

RAPS agreed to save him from the streets and give him a forever home at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary.

Our friends at Foster Kritters neutered Tumbleweed, but it turns out he needs some significant dental work.

RAPS is so honoured that, since opening the RAPS Animal Hospital, we have been able to assist small animal rescue groups around B.C. that do not have the capacity to provide all the care needed to the animals they rescue.

Of course, we can do this only because we have the support of extraordinary animal allies like YOU!

We are asking for your help in providing Tumbleweed the dental assistance he needs so that he can integrate into his new home and live the safe, fabulous life he deserves! We are aiming to raise $3,000 as soon as possible.

Can you help?

Thank you for your gift of any size!