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Petcurean Ensures Everyone’s a Winner!

Our allies at Petcurean deliver food and funds to RAPS – and awesome prizes to our supporters!

Our friends at Petcurean, maker of GO! SOLUTIONS and NOW FRESH premium pet food for dogs and cats have been a huge supporter of RAPS’ mission to save and improve the lives of animals.

They have donated more than 50,000 meals to the animals at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary and the RAPS Adoption Centre and provided food to households with low incomes through the RAPS Pet Food Bank.

RAPS is proud of the individualized care we provide for the animals. This includes the highest quality, most nutritious food – thanks to Petcurean, GO! SOLUTIONS and NOW FRESH. The major contribution from Petcurean has a multiplying effect – every dollar we do not spend on pet food is reinvested to help us save and improve the lives of even more animals!

We want you to meet just a few of the animals whose lives have been improved by Petcurean’s generosity!

Doby was brought to us because he likes to eat small toys, which meant costly and invasive surgery! Now he prefers the delicious healthy food we serve him from GO! SOLUTIONS.

Willow was trapped as a three-month-old kitten at a barn in Richmond a decade ago. She has a permanent head tilt, possibly due to a condition called Horner’s syndrome. The look on her face says, “Will you give me some space while I eat my meal?” She’d prefer to eat her GO! SOLUTIONS pet food in peace!

Chamomile, Persimmon and Ginger were brought to us from Sammy’s Forgotten Felines, in Kamloops. They were all feral, but Chamomile and Persimmon enjoy being pet now. All of them enjoy the healthy, delicious NOW FRESH food we offer them – even if they’re still not sure about the humans delivering it!

Onyx, an elderly black girl, is more than 20 years old! Originally feral, she has decided in her later years that she enjoys the company of humans. Maybe it’s because we come armed with delicious NOW FRESH food from our friends at Petcurean.

Jasper is a little over six. He is tame but he’s a jerk. He will smack and bite if over-stimulated, but likes to lay in the middle of everything so that he gets pet … which leads him to become over-stimulated. He also sprays everything… including humans. On a happy note, he will give a high-five for treats. And he enjoys the healthy, delicious food we serve him from our friends at Petcurean.

Not only does Petcurean provide food for our animals, they recently ran Giving Away to Give Back, a contest for GO! SOLUTIONS and NOW FRESH prize packs, which community members could enter to win by donating to RAPS. Thanks to their efforts, we raised more than $1,100 for RAPS and made four lucky winners very happy.

Coralie Deslauriers, Daijah Day, juliee Fitze and Samantha Londerville won thrilling GO! SOLUTIONS and NOW FRESH prize packs – plus gift cards for the RAPS Animal Hospital in Petcurean’s Giving Away to Give Back contest!

RAPS is deeply grateful for the support of socially conscious community allies like Petcurean and their premium quality, delicious and nutritious recipes from GO! SOLUTIONS and NOW FRESH. So are our chops-licking animals!

To learn more about Petcurean’s brands’ GO! SOLUTIONS and NOW FRESH and nutrition options, please visit: https://go-solutions.com/en-ca and https://nowfresh.com/en-ca.