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Humans of RAPS: Katelynn Kamachi

The people of RAPS are always ready to go above and beyond. But RAPS Thrift Store assistant manager Katelynn Kamachi leapt into action in an emergency recently and truly went above the call.

Chaos erupted September 3 when a car ploughed into the RAPS Thrift Store location on Francis Road. The driver was unconscious behind the wheel and smoke was beginning to fill the car.

Katelynn lifted the woman from the car and provided first aid until paramedics arrived.

This seemed as good a time as any to feature Katelynn in our series about the Humans of RAPS!

What is your role at RAPS?

I work as the thrift store assistant manager and have been at RAPS for almost four years, but have been volunteering at RAPS since I was 12!

What makes you committed to RAPS?

I’m committed to RAPS because of my belief every life deserves care and compassion and I believe we are doing the hard work to push the cause forward.

What is your favourite / least favourite part of your job? 

My favourite part of the job is the excitement of finding cool items, my regular customers, and the passion of everyone around me. However, my least favourite part would be binning in the rain, hands down! I do the work anyways because I know it’s important but it can be dirty work!

Tell us about yourself (where you grew up, family, pets, etc.)

I’m a full-time student in child and youth care and enjoy reading fantasy books for my pastime. I adore walking and cuddling my dog Murphy, he’s my best friend! I’m very lucky to work with my mom, Karen, at the thrift store. She’s a wealth of knowledge and has taught me a lot about working in the special setting of the thrift store.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I love to; read, nap, and play with my dog!