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Kids raise funds for RAPS

Lemonade and popsicles net money to help save and improve the lives of animals. 

Dog lovers Acacia Dunsmoor, 13, Faith Armstrong, 10, and Neve McKintuck, 11, opened a summer lemonade stand in the driveway of their house at Boundary Bay, in Tsawwassen, to raise funds for the creation of the RAPS Dog Sanctuary. They raised $92 selling popsicles and lemonade. Their interest in RAPS came from watching the popular TV series Pets & Pickers beginning early summer (also available on Crave TV). 

On July 27, the three girls, together with their older siblings, Ethan Armstrong, 15, and Brynn McKintuck, 14, paid a visit to the RAPS Animal Hospital to hand over the money and also get a tour of the facility by Angela Rodrigues, Administrative Assistant. Following the tour and in appreciation of their contribution to RAPS, Joe Dasilva, a member of the RAPS Board of Directors, took the group to the local White Spot for lunch and then to the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, where they enjoyed a tour hosted by manager Shena Novotny. It was a highlight for the cat lovers in the group. 

“We are so grateful to animal allies in the community,” says Eyal Lichtmann, RAPS CEO. “Especially the younger generation. Seeing their entrepreneurship, and their commitment to philanthropy and the well-being of animals, is truly inspiring. Thank you!”