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Happy Ending Thanks to YOU!

Lassie (now Esmée) has found her loving forever home and received the medical care she needed! 

We are constantly in awe of our community!

Just a few days ago, we put out a call for help. We received Lassie, a very young pup with a broken femur, possibly due to violent abuse. We needed to raise a sizeable amount of money to see her through her medical needs and after-care. We also needed to find the perfect forever home where Lassie would learn that people can actually be loving, gentle and dependable. 

Our community came through in spades. 

We were overwhelmed (still are!) by the speed and enthusiasm with which people came forward to make sure Lassie got what she needed. We raised the money in record time thanks to YOUR generosity. 

Best of all, within hours of putting out our call, we had found Lassie a forever home with an experienced, loving new hooman who is a veterinary professional who will not only ensure her physical needs are met during her recovery but will make her life a joy, helping this sweet, magnificent dog trust and love again! (Again, we’re overwhelmed.) 

Lassie, renamed Esmée, is only a little more than a week post-op, so she still has around seven weeks of recovery time. For a puppy – she’s only 18 weeks old! – of an active breed (Rough Collie), it’s tough encouraging her to keep from being too active, but her new family knows how to entertain her during this important period of recovery. 

“She is a very sweet girl, does not seem to have any issues regarding humans and abuse,” says Esmée’s new mom.  

So often, the animals we rescue teach us lessons of resilience and strength. Something else we learned (again!) in caring for Lassie/Esmée is that the RAPS community is always ready when we have an urgent case like this. 

We are able to save and improve the lives of animals like Esmée because we have your support. 

Thank you!