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Meet the Humans: Zoe Evans

At RAPS, everything we do is about the animals. But everything we achieve is possible because of our team of devoted humans – employees and volunteers, supporters, donors and allies. 

This week, meet Zoe Evans, one of the extraordinary people who deliver personalized, compassionate, professional care to the patients at the RAPS Animal Hospital. 

What is your role at RAPS? 

Veterinary technician/vet dental hygienist.

How long have you been volunteering and/or working with RAPS? 

About a year and a half.

What makes you committed to RAPS? 

I love our policy of leaving no one behind … being able to help animals that may not have any other options. We invest so much time advocating for our furry friends and getting them the help and attention they deserve.  

What is your favourite / least favourite part of your job?  

We have incredible team of humans working behind the scenes and everyone has the same goal in mind: Helping animals. But we have all become so close, like family, and it makes coming to work every day enjoyable.  

Least fave: it’s hard to think of a least favourite thing about RAPS because there are so many amazing things that we do, but I’m sure most of the staff will agree that anything to do with poop isn’t fun. 😂 

Tell us about yourself (where you grew up, family, pets, etc.) 

I was born in the UK and moved to North America when I was 9. I’ve always had pets and always been passionate about animals and dreamed of working with them. My boyfriend and I currently own a Siamese calico named Jellybean and wish we could have more but our current living arrangements don’t allow for more pets.  

What do you do in your spare time? 

On my days off, I go to see my parents who own a hobby farm in Merritt and we play in the river with the dogs, take the goats for nature hikes and watch the cats pretend to be goats (and they all sleep together). I’ve always loved the outdoors and being in nature, camping and building fires. Any chance I get I will be at the beach or a park enjoying the outdoors.