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Lassie Needs Help!


We are overjoyed!

Lassie had her surgery Thursday and she’s recovering like a trooper!

She slept beautifully Thursday night and by Friday she was raring to go, like the puppy she is! Of course, she’s in the care of one of our veterinarians, who made sure Lassie did not overexert and that she got exercise without straining her recovery.

Lassie will now receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy to speed her recovery and all the medical care and loving attention she needs.

BEST OF ALL … We have found her perfect foster-to-adopt home! Lassie is going home with a patient, experienced dog person who will give her the loving, patient home she needs and deserves.

All of this has been possible because of YOU!

AGAIN, we came to our community with an urgent case and YOU CAME THROUGH. If you could see Lassie’s happiness, you would understand how grateful she is to be cared for and loved, like she deserves.

Having suffered a traumatic incident so early in life, Lassie is now headed to the great life she should have had from the start. YOU MADE IT POSSIBLE. YOU came through when we (and Lassie!) needed you.

We are overwhelmed and so thankful. We know that these are challenging times for so many households. That’s why your generosity means that much more.

For Lassie, for the RAPS family and for the family that has just become whole because Lassie has joined … this is truly a HAPPY B.C. DAY!


Puppy with broken femur needs immediate surgery! RAPS is calling on our community to raise the funds to cover surgery and care.

Foster-to-adopt family also needed to help recovery of this magnificent Rough Collie puppy.

We are calling on our community for help!


Lassie was received by RAPS after being subjected to possible abuse that resulted in a broken femur.

We are aiming to raise the funds to cover the expenses of her medical care, including multiple X-rays, surgery, hyperbaric oxygen therapy dives, medications, rehabilitation and routine things such as food, supplies and ongoing care.

Lassie is a Rough Collie puppy and an absolute dream, despite the trouble she’s seen. We are seeking a foster-to-adopt home who can devote a great deal of time and patience with her as she recovers from this crisis.

So many people have stepped up recently to help fund rescue operations with cats, as we have faced some significant cases of colony rescues and medical needs.

We know that this is a challenging time for many households. So your generosity means that much more!

Our first priority is to provide Lassie with the medical care she needs. But as soon as she has had her surgery, we will be seeking to place her in a calm, patient and loving home with a lot of flexibility to prioritize her needs. (See below.)

If you can help fund Lassie’s medical care, please give by clicking here. This is an urgent case and we need your support now! THANK YOU!