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BIG NEWS: Kootenay Cats Arrive!

Rescued cats – including kittens, with more on the way! – are being cared for at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary.

Support for this rescue operation still needed!


RAPS has welcomed a large group of cats who were rescued by an agency in southeastern B.C.

We reached out to our community of supporters recently to help us raise $15,000 so that we could accept 12 adult cats that were trapped in the Kootenays.

The cats have arrived – and we are calling on supporters to help us reach our financial goal so that we can deliver the medical care, assessment and forever homes they need.

Our friends at Kootenay Animal Assistance Program called on us to help take in some of the (mostly) ragdoll cats they trapped in a major rescue operation. The agency does not have the capacity to house all of the animals they rescued – especially since the cats are multiplying!

This week, RAPS welcomed 12 adults – including one mama who just gave birth to five kittens. Another of the rescues is expected to deliver five or six kittens any day!

The adults will be assessed to determine whether they have the potential to be adopted into family homes. If they show signs of being tame (or tame-able), we will continue socializing them and aim to offer them for adoption in future. Any that are not likely to enjoy full-on human companionship will spend their lives at our “Kitty Club Med” –the RAPS Cat Sanctuary.

We have already reached half of our financial goal, thanks to animal loving people. We are asking anyone who is able to help to please consider making a donation today so that we can care for these cats.

RAPS Cat Sanctuary is an irreplaceable asset in British Columbia. For decades now, animals have come to us from across B.C., often from places where they would have faced euthanasia. At our Sanctuary, animals receive all the care, medical attention and other supports they need to live happy lives. We even have designated “Kitty Comforters” whose sole job is socializing cats and giving them all the human contact they seek.

All of this is possible because of YOUR support.

We look forward to keeping you informed of the progress these cats make and will be placing kittens (and maybe some adolescent and adult cats) up for adoption at the appropriate time.

Thank you!