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Volunteer of the Month: Nav Marok

Everything RAPS does is about the animals. But everything we accomplish is because of a small staff team and an army of volunteers who make it all happen! Meet this month’s Volunteer of the Month, Nav Marok!

Navdeep Marok has been volunteering at RAPS for more than a year.

Why did you choose RAPS?

My dog was dying of Stage 5 Lymphoma and I was told by another veterinarian I needed to put him down. I decided to get a second opinion at RAPS [Animal Hospital] and was told there is hope. That was two years ago and my dog is doing very well thanks to them. I feel like volunteering at RAPS is paying it forward, if that makes sense.

What is your favourite part about volunteering?

I don’t have a favourite part, per se, but I enjoy the entire process of volunteering. It benefits my mental health and I feel like it’s a personal responsibility to help animals, since we have the upper hand in cognitive abilities as a species.

What is your favourite memory or who is your favourite cat?

Unfortunately, I have memory  issues, but currently I love spending time with Alvin. He’s been through so much and is super affectionate. He always tries to climb on me every time I see him and it’s super cute!

Thanks, Nav, for everything you do – and congratulations on being our Volunteer of the Month for July!