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Help us save Kootenay cats!

A colony of (mostly) ragdoll cats is being rescued by our friends at Kootenay Animal Assistance Program.

They are desperately trying to capture all of the remaining animals on a property that has been sold because it appears some of the remaining cats have already been victims of predators.


Eight of those who have already been rescued are living in substandard accommodations in a garage until agencies like RAPS are able to come to the rescue and alleviate the overburdened facilities.

KAAP has successfully rehomes some of the cats, but there remain 10 (and probably more) who RAPS has agreed to welcome.

Since a number of the cats already trapped have been rehomed, we are optimistic that, with some concerted socialization, most or all of these rescues will eventually find forever families. In the meantime, they will be accommodated at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary.

We need to raise an ambitious $15,000 to transport these cats, provide necessary veterinary care, assess them and prepare them for their forever homes (whether that is in family homes or at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, in the event that some are unadoptable).

For more than a quarter-century, we have saved and improved the lives of so many animals. It has all been possible because of you. Please help us again as we undertake this ambitious rescue operation!

We recognize that this is a difficult economic time for many households. So, if you are in a position to give, it makes your gift that much more important.