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Elvis is in the building!

Sweet boy Elvis seemed all shook up when discovered by folks in Bella Bella. But there will be no heartbreak hotel for this cool cat … He’s getting all patched up at the RAPS Animal Hospital and we are confident he’ll find a family to share his hunk of burning love very soon!


One of the reasons we opened the RAPS Animal Hospital in 2018 was so that we could help animals from throughout the province! We believe that where an animal lives should not determine whether an animal lives.

So we were thrilled to be able to help when friends on Vancouver Island reached out to us.

Elvis was noticed by community members in Bella Bella, which is on Campbell Island off the central coast of B.C. He was looking beat up and appeared to be a stray needing medical attention.

The folks in Bella Bella connected Elvis with North Island Veterinary Hospital in Port Hardy. In addition to some superficial wounds, which were probably from fighting, his mouth is in very rough shape, with swollen and irritated gums in addition to broken and fractured teeth. It’s possible that he had been hit by a car.

While Elvis was able to eat fairly well, he does need dentistry work to regain his health. He is also an intact male, around three years old, so will be neutered when the time is right. For someone from his background, Elvis is super affectionate and cuddly! (Can’t help falling in love!) He will make a nice house cat for someone when his health is fully regained.

Last weekend, a RAPS team member drove up island to meet folks from North Island Veterinary Hospital, then transported Elvis to the RAPS Animal Hospital in Richmond.

Once at the hospital, Elvis underwent X-rays and other diagnostics. The treatment on his teeth, his neuter procedure and other urgent care would have run $3,500 to $4,000 at other facilities.

Thankfully, because we are a not-for-profit facility, the cost of these procedures is probably going to run about $2,500. We put out the call as soon as we heard that Elvis was on his way and our community stepped up! We have almost raised the funds we need to care for Elvis! Click here to make a tax-receiptable donation to ensure we reach our goal!

Everything we do is possible because we have the support of animal allies in the community – people like YOU! (That’s the wonder of youuuuu!)

We look forward to sharing Elvis’s progress with you! THANK YOU!