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Help RAPS Save Leukemia Cats

Can you help us raise $15,000 to care for these cats?

RAPS is reaching out to our community for support – so we can help rescue a group of cats with feline leukemia from Vancouver Island.


Our friends at CatNap Society have been trapping a colony of feral cats. Of the 12 they have brought into their shelter so far, five have tested positive for feline leukemia virus.

Feline leukemia virus, or FeLV, can cause anemia or lymphoma and, because it suppresses the immune system, it can predispose cats to deadly infections. However, cats with leukemia can also live long and healthy lives if they receive the care they need.

RAPS Cat Sanctuary is one of the only places in Canada with a community specifically for FeLV-positive cats. The virus cannot be transmitted to humans, dogs or non-feline animals. It is mainly transmitted through grooming and the sharing of food and water dishes. We like to call it the lovers’ disease, because, unlike feline aids (FIV), it is usually not transmitted via fighting.. So leukemia cats have their own neighbourhood at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, where they receive everything they need for a wonderful life, while remaining segregated from the cats who do not have the virus.

Cats with FeLV often require additional veterinary care due to their susceptibility to secondary infections, in turn caring for them can cost more than the average cat. Because this virus is so easily transmitted through saliva, RAPS is one of the only organizations that will give these leukemia cats the loving home they deserve.

We are calling on our friends again! Everything RAPS does – including saving FeLV cats and many others who would be euthanized in other jurisdictions – is possible because we have the support of animal-loving allies in the community.

We need to raise $15,000 care for at least five cats from Nanaimo who have been identified as having FeLV. These funds will provide between six months to a year of care for the cats in our magnificent “Kitty Club Med.” As our friends at CatNap continue trapping the colony, it is likely more cats will come to us with FeLV.

We’re looking forward to welcoming this rambunctious bunch!

There is Catalano (black and white) and Nandor (orange), who are the most feral and are still getting used to being around humans. Brian (orange) is close behind. Enrique and Laszlo (both solid black) are pettable and have never shown any aggression so they will probably settle in quite quickly to their new environment.

Can you help?

A tax-deductible gift of $100 or more will not only help us give these animals a wonderful life but you will receive a certificate of sponsorship recognizing your generosity.

We also have naming opportunities for the Leukemia Club at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary. If you are interested in discussing opportunities for associating your family name or business with our good work, email jonathan@rapsbc.com.