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Volunteer of the Month: Jasleen Randhawa

RAPS Volunteer of the Month is Jasleen Randhawa! Jasleen started her volunteer role at the RAPS Animal Hospital in June 2021.

She is an invaluable asset and well-loved and appreciated by the Hospital staff. Jasleen is dedicated, reliable and a wonderdul addition to the RAPS Animal Hospital team. In addition to her own duties, she does a fantastic job at training new volunteers in their tasks.

Why did you choose to volunteer at RAPS?

I really enjoy spending my time with animals and I am actually hoping to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. To start this journey, I had thought it would be a great first step to volunteer in an animal hospital to get a feel of the environment I would like to be a part of in the future. A bonus in volunteering at RAPS would be increasing my knowledge of this field.

What is your favorite part about volunteering?

My favourite part of volunteering would be the interactions I get to have with all the animals and welcoming staff.

Do you have a favorite memory or experience about volunteering?

My favourite memory would be the time I had taken a small break to play with a little kitty that was being a little curious and seeking attention every time I passed by.

Do you think you would like to perhaps explore a career in animal medicine?

Yes, I have hope to one day become a veterinarian myself and spend my time helping as many animals I can.

Do you have pets of your own?

Yes! I have the cutest little teacup Pomeranian, named Minnie. Most of my hours are spent with her, from taking naps together to teaching her some new tricks. My cousins also have quite a few pets I grew up with, to name a few: a Rottweiler named Virgo, talking parrot named Georgie, a little kitty named Hazel, a rescue Chihuahua named Coco and so on… Growing up alongside such an animal-friendly family has been a heavy influence on my choice of future careers, as I would like to pursue a career that allows me to work with animals in some way.