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Sweet tale for Mooncake!

Injured cat is rehabilitated and finds forever home.

Some Good Samaritans found an injured stray cat hanging around their property. He was limping and evidently injured. Because the cat (who they named Mooncake!) was nervous and shy, it took them a week to gain his trust.

When they eventually got Mooncake into their reach, he was brought to the RAPS Animal Hospital, on Dec. 2, 2021.

Mooncake received treatment right away from the veterinarians at the RAPS Animal Hospital. It turned out that Mooncake had experienced some trauma to his right hind leg, which left him with open wounds and inflammation. Staff estimate that he is about a year-and-a-half old and found that he was not neutered and had no ID. As is our policy, we held him for seven days to allow his people to claim him, but no one contacted us.

During that week, Mooncake received top-notch care at the RAPS Animal Hospital. He went in once a day to have his wounds cleaned, checked over and rebandaged – and he quickly became a favourite with all the hospital staff because, even though he remained shy, he is also incredibly sweet and very well behaved.

Mooncake’s wounds healed quickly and, thankfully, there was no permanent damage to his leg. The hospital team neutered and microchipped him and just a couple of weeks after he first came to us, Mooncake was ready to find his new furever home.

We were so excited to hear that Mooncake’s finders were very interested in adopting him. Once he became available, we called them to set up a meet-and-greet. They had not stopped thinking about him since they dropped him off on Dec. 2 and were so happy to see him healed and doing well. They filled out an application, which was reviewed and approved.

Exactly one month after Mooncake first came to RAPS, he was adopted by his loving and caring finders. Mooncake’s new “pawrents” sent us an email of Mooncake purring and accepting belly rubs only a couple hours after being brought home. It was a perfect match and we are so happy for Mooncake and his new family.

These are the sorts of happy endings that are possible because of the huge community of animal allies who support us so that we can save and improve the lives of as many animals as possible.