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Saying goodbye to George …

It is with the saddest of hearts we share with you that beloved George has passed. George was almost 16-years old.

Beautiful George was found in a Richmond ditch on a rainy, cold day in December 2017 by some Good Samaritans. After some investigation, we discovered that George indeed had a family, but they decided it was in everyone’s best interest to surrender George to RAPS. George was almost 12 years old when he arrived to us. He came in unable to bear weight on one of his front legs – our veterinarians suspect it was from an old injury that had not been treated.

With some significant medical issues, including a heart murmur, severe periodontal disease and muscle atrophy and nerve damage in his leg and shoulder, we determined George should be placed in a loving home under the conditions of being a permanent foster dog. In other words, RAPS would provide ongoing treatment for his medical conditions and absorb all costs of providing George with his best, love-filled life.

In February of 2018, George was welcomed into Kelsy and her partner’s family. George could not have found a more loving, beautiful home in which to live his golden years. He shared his home with his human mums, a completely blind canine sister, Sophia, and many foster pets that were also welcomed into this loving home. (We introduced George to readers a year-and-a-half ago. Read the earlier blog.) George’s mum Kelsy has a HUGE heart for caring for special dogs and other pets.

George lived his last years to the absolute fullest. He loved his trips and treks to Seattle, Galiano Island, Jug Island, Whistler, wineries and celebrating holidays with his family.

Writes Kelsy: “George has ruined us for all other dogs in the best way possible, he was so perfect and kind. Whatever critter we brought into the home to foster; a litter of rats, a mouse, guinea pigs – all of whom came from not-great situations like him – George was nothing but a gentleman to them. We tried to make up for his not-so-great past with all the love, adventures and treats (his favourite) he could handle and if he couldn’t handle it, I would carry him. We love him so much and although it was painful to let him go I would do again in a second, to have a love like his was something I will never forget. To the kindest soul I’ve ever met, my baby boy George.”

In so many other jurisdictions, a dog like George would have been euthanized when he was surrendered. Providing him the best life possible in whatever time he had left is how we kept the RAPS no-kill promise to George. This is a perfect example of how RAPS is different. Every life we save is possible because we have the support of animal allies like YOU!

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Featured photo: Michele Wright, Furry Friends Photography