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Meet Sonja!

RAPS is all about the animals. But the humans make possible everything we do. In our ongoing series introducing the people of RAPS, meet Sonja Li …

“I was born and raised in Hong Kong, I came to Canada for high school. Afterwards, I came to Vancouver for post-secondary education where I decided that I would like to be part of the veterinary field.

“When I first started in this field, RAPS had already established their own shelter and cat sanctuary, I have heard multiple stories about RAPS reaching out and helping not just their own animals but also there’s a need, which I truly appreciated. The motive at RAPS is that we care.

“Now being able to work with a great team is a plus to why I like working here. There is obviously sad time, where we see patients suffering in pain or when they don’t have a home. It always makes me want to adopt all the cats – not to mention I adopted three cats from RAPS that we previously saved.

“Seeing how involved RAPS is, it encouraged me to pursue my career path to become a registered veterinary technician (RVT) at TRU Distance Animal Technology Program.

“In my spare time, you can find me cuddling with my cats in front of the TV or studying with some anime music.”

Thanks, Sonja, for helping us save and improve the lives of animals!