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Friends use crafty skills to help animals!

Inez Sham and three friends – Rin, Monique and Eclaire – launched an adorable fundraising project to support RAPS! They create collectable stickers with cartoonish cats and educate the public about animal welfare issues.

These young people are just four of so many different people who support the animals we serve in many different ways. We are deeply grateful for all the support RAPS receives.

Meet Inez …

Explain your project briefly.

Initially, AnimalAid Co. was a project aimed to fundraise for local animal welfare organizations through eco-friendly products. Now, we still continue to support animal organizations but we also use our platform as a way to spread knowledge on animal welfare topics. You can find us @AnimalAidCa on Instagram and @AnimalAidCo on Etsy!

Did you create this initiative by yourself?

No. I started this project along with three other friends who help out with social media design and marketing. We met because we all went to the same high school together and have known each other for approximately 2-3 years.

What inspired you to do a project for RAPS?

A few years ago, I first discovered RAPS on social media. I thought that it was a really cool organization because of how the hospital was non-profit and it supports a cat sanctuary. It just seemed like a very unique system and I could tell that this organization was created purely for helping cats and other animals. After visiting the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, I was even more amazed. This impression of RAPS then stuck with me for one or two years. It was when I found the RAPS Instagram page and started following it that I really felt the urge to come up with a way to support their cause.

Who is the target audience for your items?

Anyone who loves animals! But more specifically, people who love cats, people who support the Regional Animal Protection Society, and people who are interested in eco-friendly stickers. Currently, we have nine stickers available in our shop and each sticker is based on a cat who resides or resided at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary: Henrik, Amaretto and Panda. Click here to visit their shop.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m actually from Hong Kong but I moved to Canada in 2018 and I’m currently a first-year student at UBC. I love animals but I never had any large animal pet, only a few fish and two small pet turtles. Some other interests of mine are drawing, video games, snowboarding, and volunteering.