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Cats make new friends

Pinsky Mortgages team drops by to support the animals.

The entire staff team from Pinsky Mortgages dropped by the RAPS Cat Sanctuary recently. They wanted to see what their philanthropic support is doing for the animals.

Eitan Pinsky, the team lead, and his six colleagues, have chosen the RAPS Cat Sanctuary as their charitable beneficiary this year.

“We all like animals,” he says. “I knew about the sanctuary and we just thought it would be a great field trip to participate in and we wanted to donate some money as well.”

Eitan’s own cat, Lila, enjoys “raspberries,” but he says he thought maybe he should be a bit more tentative with the residents at the Sanctuary. The team was swarmed by attention-seeking felines and the humans soaked up the love.

“They were very friendly, they were awesome, they didn’t shy away from us,” he says.

Of the facility, Eitan says: “I think it’s great that this place is there. It seems like the cats are very well taken care of. We were happy to see it. I was impressed with how nice everything is.”

Team members say they’ll be coming back with their families to visit the cats again.

Pinsky Mortgages is just one of many socially responsible businesses who devote financial support (or, in some cases, staff volunteer efforts) to RAPS. Building relationships in the community strengthens our work and helps RAPS save and improve the lives of animals.

Thanks, Eitan and team, for your support. We (and especially the cats!) loved welcoming you!