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Volunteer of the Month – Brigid Coult

Brigid is one of RAPS’ most dedicated and beloved volunteers! That’s why she’s Volunteer of the Month for June!

Since 2010, Brigid has been a constant presence at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, fulfilling glamourous jobs like cleaner, scooper and feeder. She also leads tours (pre-pandemic and hopefully again soon!) and she writes the Neko blog, which shares so many stories of the Sanctuary residents. To top it all off, Brigid coordinates the annual calendars, which are an important fundraiser and awareness-raiser for RAPS!

I love my regular work as a musician and an arts administrator,” says Brigid. “And I love that volunteering at the Sanctuary is so different from that! It’s a Sanctuary for cats, but it’s one for the humans too. Yes, not all the work is fun (who likes scooping poop?) but there’s always the chance to sit down and visit with a few furry friends. As I get older, I’m finding that I need to take more time for myself, to say “No” to taking extra things on. But time spent with the cats is time that feeds me. The hard part about it is when we lose them …”

Over the years, Brigid has bonded particularly with a few residents.

“There’s still an empty place inside from the loss of my sweet Skittles,” she says. “I miss Dell and Shadrack.”

The RAPS Cat Sanctuary is a special place – and Brigid says the humans and animals are lucky to have it! Cats come to the Sanctuary from other rescue agencies across B.C. and beyond, building strong bonds among those who are doing vital work outside Metro Vancouver. The Sanctuary is a destination for cats who may have been abused or neglected and those who come here are granted a new lease on life.

“When people can be so unfeeling or ignorant, I am so thankful that the lives that come into our care can be tended, and (in best-case scenario) adopted out to their forever homes,” she says.

The animals and people of RAPS are lucky to have a devoted ally like Brigid Coult. Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Month!