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Urgent Heat Warning

Keep Pets Safe – Don’t take them in the car

The weather forecast calls for some of the hottest temperatures Metro Vancouver has ever experienced. Please ensure that the animals and people you love are safe.

The temperatures this weekend could be so high that there is no safe length of time to leave your dog in a car. On comparatively warm days, a car can overheat and kill a dog in just a few minutes. In temperatures like we are facing in the next few days, there is no safe way to leave a dog in the car. PLEASE leave your dog at home.

Here are some tips:

  • Concrete and asphalt are super-heated right now. Walk your pets on the grass or in shaded, forested areas.
  • Leave a fan going at floor level so pets can enjoy a cooling breeze.
  • Fill a kiddy pool with cold water to help pups splash around and cool down.
  • Freeze their favourite treats to help them cool down while they enjoy the game – stuffed, frozen Kongs or other safe toys also work!
  • Put water out for passing pets and maybe a bowl in the backyard for the wild critters who are struggling in this weather.

Check on your human neighbours too and make sure they and their pets are OK. Be sure all members of your family – no matter how many legs they have – are hydrated. Keep a glass (or bowl) of cold water filled at all times!

Stay safe! We can have a glorious sunny summertime … as long as we take a few fairly simple precautions.