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Don’t Pass This Buck!

Buck is one big pup. Weighing in at about 100 pounds, this one-year-old Caucasian Shepherd/Sarplaninac/Lab Mix is a big boy with a big personality.

He’s headed to RAPS from northern B.C. in the next few days because he needs some significant medical help. Precisely what is wrong with Buck won’t be determined until he is assessed at the RAPS Animal Hospital, but it may be hip dysplasia or some other joint issue. He probably needs surgery on his hips or knees or maybe both.

His family has surrendered him to RAPS and we’ll be taking the best imaginable care of Buck. But we need your help!


During the next few weeks or months, Buck will probably be undergoing significant medical treatments. To recover to his best self, he needs a devoted foster home where he will be surrounded by care and love as he deals with his treatments and recuperation.

Buck is super-friendly and great with kids. (Other animals not so much!) So we’re looking for a special family that has the flexibility to exercise Buck within the limitations of his conditions, chauffeur him back and forth to what will likely be a lot of vet appointments and generally pamper him as he makes his way back to full health. We also want to connect him with training to get his manners and basic commands up to scratch.

If you, or someone you know, has a place in your home and your heart for a dog like Buck – for a few months or maybe forever – contact us at info@rapsbc.com.

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