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Cat Sanctuary Donations: Can you help?

Next time you go shopping, consider picking up a thing or two for the resdients of the RAPS Cat Sanctuary

Do you have a cat? Maybe you have two or three. We have hundreds!

Can you imagine the amount of cat food and litter we go through in a month?

Here are the numbers:

  • 54 boxes of Simply Purrfect Cat Litter
  • ~2300 cans (156g) of Friskies
  • ~30 x 25lbs bags of Kirkland Maintenance Cat Kibble

If you are in a positon to help, consider donating …

  • Boxes of Simply Purrfect Cat Litter (from Costco) or any other unscented clumping clay litter
  • Cans of canned cat food. Here are some brands:
    • Friskies
    • Friskies Lil’ Soups
    • Fancy Feast
    • Fancy Feast Broths Pouches
    • Weruva
    • BFF
    • Performatrin
    • Natural Balance
    • Wellness
    • Merrick
  • 25 pound bags of Kirkland Maintenance Cat Kibble (from Costco or Amazon)

We depend on our community of animal-loving people to help deliver the individualized care to all the animals in our Sanctuary and Adoption Centre. Nothing is more fundamental than food and … well, cat litter!

Click here to see our full Amazon Wishlist.

Please contact admin@rapsbc.com to arrange deliveries and pick-ups.

Any help you can offer would make a big difference!

Please keep and submit your receipt for any new items so that we can issue a gift-in-kind tax receipt.