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About RAPS’ Surrender Fees

The RAPS Adoption & Education Centre is now fully operational adjacent to the RAPS Animal Hospital.

We are adopting cats as well as accepting surrenders of cats. Folks will discover that our surrender fees have changed, however.

We take pride in the fact that we recognize every animal and human as an individual. One-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter solutions rarely work. In caring for animals, this is especially true. We give individualized attention to every animal and ensure that they get the necessities the require and the affection and attention they desire.

This is part of the reason our surrender fee structure has changed.

Until recently, we had a nominal fee for surrenders. Animals that are surrendered to us undergo assessments, usually including a SNAP test to check for Feline Aids and Leukemia. Animals who are not spayed or neutered will have that procedure. Other medical needs or behavioural issues will also be assessed. The old surrender fees didn’t cover even the most basic of these treatments.

In addition to their overall health, other considerations that go into a surrender fee include a pet’s age and the likelihood of them being adopted. If an animal looks like it will require extensive medical care, or if it is likely to become a resident of the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, the resources required for that individual will be considered as part of the surrender fee.

This can be a challenging balance of contending demands. Rescue organizations never want to create a situation where someone who can’t afford a surrender fee instead abandon an animal. That’s why our fees are also based on the individual situation of the humans involved.

Because of the cost of living in Metro Vancouver and the lack of affordable, pet-welcoming housing, too many families are forced to surrender their pets. This is a cruel reality. If a family is already struggling with financial hardships, we certainly do not want to exacerbate them!

So, if you ask, “How much is a surrender fee?” understand that the answer is not necessarily straightforward. But do be assured that we will balance the best interest of the animal, the humans and the future care RAPS provides to come to a mutually acceptable fee.

We trust this approach is one that our community will understand and support as it reflects our understanding that every animal and human is an individual.