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Volunteer of the Month: Jill Rabin

Cheers to Jill Rabin, our Volunteer of the Month!

Jill is always a friendly face at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, where she has been volunteering since 2013. She is always willing to fill in when possible – most memorably, when our laundry backed up due to electrical problems, she took eight garbage bags of dirty laundry home to clean at her house.

“The Sanctuary has always been a zen place for me,” says Jill. “It’s the perfect opportunity to spend time with my favourite creatures and help them live their best lives.”

As we all do, Jill loves all the feline residents, but we can’t help having faves.

“Butterbean was my first love and the first to break my heart when he passed away,” Jill recalls. “There have been many special connections since then, and last October I was lucky enough to be able to adopt our adorable, dreamy, chatty, lovebug, Stewie.”

The people of RAPS – but especially the animals – are so lucky to have Jill in our family!