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Noel loses a leg but gains a life

After tragedy, feral cat has leg amputated, but adapts and can’t get enough lovin’

Volunteers who humanely trap cats in the Fraser Valley discovered a farm where a number of ferals were living. The farmer had put out a muskrat trap and a cat stepped in it. The volunteers believe he may have been trapped for as long as two weeks. His leg was horrifically ripped apart and infected by the time the saviours rescued him.

Veterinarians at the RAPS Animal Hospital could not save his leg and deterimined it had to be amputated. Like so many animals, Noel adapted beautifully to managing on three legs. More remarkable after all he’s been through is the fact that he has gone from feral to being super sweet. It is a challenge to get a decent photo of him because as soon as a human is nearby he wants to cuddle. That makes it challenging for a photographer! He also drools when he’s happy.

Noel has won the hearts of all who meet him – and we expect him to be adopted by a special couple very soon.