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A Ghost story with a very happy ending!

New mama now in forever home with three siblings after a rough start to life and a few months in RAPS’ care.

Ghost has gone home!

The happy occasion happened recently after a fairly dramatic period.

Ghost is a young female cat who was rescued along with her three siblings from a junkyard. Good Samaritan Tyler found the cats and humanely trapped them. He reached out to RAPS for assistance because, as with many feral or stray animals, the family had a number of health issues.

Ghost and her sibs Trouble, Garfield and Precious, were examined at the RAPS Animal Hospital and we found a litany of issues.

All four – two females and two males – required deworming, vaccinations, flea treatment and spays and neuters. One of the males had an undescended testicle, making the neuter procedure more complicated and costly. One had a badly broken tooth that required dental treatment. And Ghost was discovered to be pregnant.

Trouble, Garfield and Precious all went home with Tyler after their treatments but Ghost stayed with RAPS for four-and-a-half months and she was fostered with our mama cat and kitten fosterer extraordinaire, Kati DeGraaf, whose home effectively doubles as our feline maternity ward!

Ghost gave birth to two healthy and sweet ginger babies – Zara and Zulu – and she proved to be a loving, wonderful mama. Now 10 weeks old, the kittens are off to their forever home and will surely be loved to the moon and back by their new human family. Mum Ghost is recovering beautifully from her spay surgery at the RAPS Adoption Centre and the other day Tyler came to take Ghost home and reunite her with her siblings in their new forever home!

RAPS is able to care for challenging cases like these because of the support of animal-loving people in our community. The RAPS Animal Hospital exists so that we can eliminate the profit motive in veterinary care and ensure that all animals are given the medical care they need. Services to the public generate revenue that is reinvested into RAPS programs to save and improve the lives of even more animals.

Ghost’s story has a happy ending because of you!