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More good news about sweet Blossom

Neglected and abused, resilient dog recovering and readying for forever home.

It is almost miraculous to see animals with terrible histories of abuse and neglect survive and thrive when rescued and given the love and care they need.

We have to share another update of one of RAPS’ most uplifting recoveries – because it is so inspiring. Blossom is a spayed female German Shepherd/Lab mix, about six years old. She was tragically mistreated in her previous home and came to us in grave physical and emotional condition. Her hair was mostly gone and her skin was so raw and sore that she could not tolerate being petted.

On a regimen of medications to heal her physical ailments and provided all the food she wants, she is returning to an appropriate weight and her hair is growing in beautifully.

We now understand how much Blossom loves human contact and attention. Ever since her skin has healed, she can’t get enough pets, rubs and cuddles. She’s an enthusiastic kisser and loves having her face massed – especially her chin. Her weekly medicated bath is one of her favourite times! She wiggles and writhes in ecstasy as the medicated shampoo is massaged into her skin. When she arrived at RAPS, her skin was leathery and scaly. Now it is supple and covered again in a healthy coat.

She has been in a loving foster home for about a month. Here she has shown what a loving and lovable companion she is. Blossom is not an “outdoorsy person.” She goes out for her necessary business but quickly wants to return to her couch, play with her stuffies and luxuriate in the love of her temporary family, which includes two dog-loving, doting teenage girls.

Blossom is choosy about the dogs she befriends and we don’t know how she responds to cats. Because the foster family has other pets, Blossom has a luxurious “she-shed” in a heated garage, with a couch that doubles as her command central for affection, relaxation and stuffy-wrangling.

Perhaps in part because of her breed mix, Blossom like to alert her people to possible intruders, such as letter carriers or, really, anything that moves. Her soul is gentle and calm but her voice can make the rafters shake. Her forever people will never be surprised by an unexpected knock at the door or neighbours talking loudly. On the other hand, the chances of a burglary while Blossom is on duty are negligible.

Like many dogs that have a history of abuse or neglect, Blossom guards her food. Once her bowl is put down, she must be left alone to eat as she will show teeth and give a good, loud warning that no one is permitted to come near her food bowl. Given everything she has endured, this is the only challenging behavior her foster family has identified.

Blossom has won the hearts of everyone at RAPS – and everyone else she meets. We’ll be looking for a forever home as special as she is.

If you are an experienced, dedicated dog person – or know an ideal candidate for Blossom’s permanent home – message us at info@rapsbc.com.