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Announcement: Top Animal Law Expert Rebeka Breder Joins RAPS Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Regional Animal Protection Society is thrilled to welcome Rebeka Breder to the Board.

Rebeka Breder has been recognized as one of Canada’s 25 most influential lawyers. She is possibly the country’s foremost expert in animal law. Rebeka has extensive experience in animal law litigation and in the animal protection movement. She founded Breder Law, Western Canada’s first law firm to focus exclusively on animal law.

Rebeka has experience at all levels of court and various tribunals. Rebeka’s passion for animal protection and welfare started at an early age, while she was growing up in Montreal. Rebeka is known as a trailblazer in developing Animal Law in Canada. She founded the first Animal Law section of the Canadian Bar Association in Canada and is the founder and current Chair of the Animal Law section, B.C. Branch. In her “spare” time, she dedicates a lot of her time to animal protection causes, including having sat on the Board of the Vancouver Humane Society for over 10 years.

Rebeka’s animal law practice includes acting for individuals such as defending  dogs, pet custody disputes, veterinary malpractice suits, strata and condominium disputes, and breeder disputes. Rebeka also acts for organizations as a consultant, and to challenge government for failing to protect animals, such as suing the government over the live transportation of horses and the BC wolf cull. Rebeka acts exclusively in matters that can develop the rights and welfare of animals.

Rebeka is a founder of the UBC Animal Law course, and she has been an Adjunct Professor. Rebeka is also a frequent lecturer at various speaking engagements and schools. The media also often interviews her on various topical issues locally, nationally and internationally.

“Rebeka Breder has worked with RAPS on a number of issues over the years and we are delighted to welcome her to the Board of Directors,” says Fearn Edmonds, RAPS’ president. “It is a testament to the professionalization of RAPS and the esteem in which our organization is held that we are able to attract top individuals like Rebeka to serve with us and advance our no-kill mission. RAPS is in a time of exciting growth and change. With Rebeka’s expertise, we are more equipped than ever to launch full-steam into our very bright future.”